Hello and welcome to the FreshThinking site purposed to highlight the services that we offer to our clients whom are mainly individuals and small business owners.

Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Catherine Fitzsimons-Belgaid and I originally set up FreshThinking during the recession when I found myself unemployed and looking for a fresh challenge.  I had never worked for myself previously hence it was a challenge in itself but one that has developed my talents, my experience and my passions into an area that is fast becoming problematic for most employers both private and public sector.

My qualifications in this area include a master’s in human resource management from the IPA and UCD, a diploma in employment law from the Law Society of Ireland and an accreditation in mediation from Friary Law and ADR. I’m also an accredited member of the Mediation Institute of Ireland.  As an eternal student with a strong philosophy in life long learning, I am always updating and ensuring that I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to my work including my current study to achieve a masters in employment law.

From a client view, I work mainly with employers, offering advice, support and representation to ensure they get it right and don’t end up facing expensive challenges and fines for often simple breaches of employment legislation.  I also work occasionally with employees who have been wronged and represent them within the framework.


Catherine can be contacted at 085-7177888 or email her at catherine@freshthinking.ie


Colin is a member of the Certified Institute of Public Accounts in Ireland (CPA) and heads up CGD Accountancy a firm that provides a full range of services to small & medium sized businesses as well as sole traders. His clients come from a range of difference industries from Retail to Medical Device companies which adds to his vast experience gained in previous roles including Financial Controller of an Irish owned retail outlet.


Colin can be contacted by phone on 086-8191889 or email: colin@cgdaccountancy.com / colin@freshthinking.ie